NARS Cosmetics bans badger hair

The Shiseido subsidiary joins more than 90 other beauty brands in doing so.

After PETA, the world’s largest animal rights organisation shared a video exposé of China’s badger brush industry with NARS Cosmetics, the Shiseido subsidiary will no longer use badger hair in its makeup brushes, writes Jenny Berich.

Commenting on NARS addition to PETA’s list of more than 90 companies which  have banned the use of badger hair in their products (mainly makeup, paint and shaving brushes), PETA corporate affairs director Anne Brainard says “no brush is worth tormenting and killing a sensitive wild animal.”

“Every badger-hair brush represents the miserable death of a sensitive animal,” she says.

“By banning the sale of badger-hair brushes, NARS is helping PETA push the cosmetics industry in a kinder direction.”

Procter & Gamble, the parent company of The Art of Shaving, was the first company to ban badger-hair items after the release of PETA Asia’s video last September.

Since then nearly 90 others have followed suit including Morphe, Crown and The New York Shaving Company – and PETA is now calling on other cosmetic, paint and shaving brush companies to do the same.

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