Innovative new textile recycling system launches

The programme provides affordable solutions for disposing of robes, towels, bedding and uniforms.

Uniform manufacturer Noel Asmar Group has just launched an exciting new sustainability initiative – a textile recycling programme for hotels and spas, writes Mala McAlpin.

Announced during last week’s Global Wellness Summit, the ‘Hospitality Lifecycle’ program aims to provide hotels and spas access to affordable solutions to safely and securely dispose of used robes, towels, sheets and uniforms through partnering recycling experts.

The program is tailored to businesses both small and large, and textiles can be recycled regardless of where they are originally sourced. The program is currently being operated solely through Noel Asmar Group’s partnership with North American recycling partner, Debrand, whose end-to-end services are provided on a cost-per-pound format.

Spas and hotels simply box and ship their products directly to Debrand (no minimums or maximums) where they are weighed, processed and sorted. They are then upcycled into new products like dog beds, filler for furniture cushions and insulation for walls.

The initiative was sparked due to the textile industry’s negative carbon footprint, and the desire to find solutions for used textiles other than landfill. “Gone are the days when you can dump product in landfills without environmental and financial costs,” said Noel Asmar, CEO of Noel Asmar Group.

Asmar saw a gap in the market for spas and hospitality groups to sustainably recycle their expired materials, and partnered with Debrand as an out-of-the-box solution.

“With an intimate knowledge of textile recycling capabilities and innovation, Debrand understands the challenges and barriers facing the apparel and textile industries. They are committed to extend the useful life of recycled goods and look for creative ways to use the recycled product.”

Asmar hopes to continue growing the pool of similar recycling partners around the globe.

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