Get the look: Academy Awards hair

We go behind the scenes on the top hair looks from the Oscars.

Major international red carpets like the Academy Awards provide plenty of industry inspiration from hair and makeup to gowns and styling. Here we break down four of our favourite hair looks.

Charlize Theron
Hair by Adir Abergel

“Inspired by an epic year of dramatic short cuts and a style evolution, Charlize’s Oscar look is a smooth, swept-back, deep side part, detailed with black thread creating a beautiful half-moon shape in the back. The look highlights a beautiful, classical minimalism with clean lines and shiny, lustrous hair,” says stylist Abergel.

Abergel prepped Charlize’s hair by applying Virtue Healing Oil from roots to ends. He mixed in a small amount of Virtue Un-Frizz Cream to seal and create additional shine on the ends. Next, he rough-dried the hair until 80% dry with the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer Professional edition on the cool setting. He then created a deep side part and continued to dry, using the Dyson wide tooth comb attachment to smooth hair in the desired direction. He followed by applying extensions on either side that were pulled back. He finished the look by binding the extensions with black thread and creating a half-moon shape in the back.

Instagram / @hairbyadir


Margot Robbie
Hair by Bryce Scarlett for Moroccanoil

“To complement Margot’s vintage, off-the-shoulder Chanel gown, I created a sculpted, modern take on an old Hollywood style with crisp, sharp waves,” says Scarlett.

On damp hair, Scarlett used a dime size amount of Moroccanoil Treatment Light to provide the perfect foundation for styling. Next, he applied 1-2 pumps of Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream in the mid-length to the ends and Moroccanoil Root Boost at the roots for volume and control, then blow dried the hair with fullness through the mid-length and ends while keeping the roots sculpted and tight to Margot’s head. Next, he used the Moroccanoil Tail Comb to create a deep side part with a clean line. Curling towards the face, Scarlett created waves using a 1-inch curling iron, twisting the curl two to three times and pulling it gently with the iron to give it a sharp finish at the ends. He continued this throughout the hair and brushed the it smooth with a boar bristle classic brush, using his hands to lightly give it shape.

Getty Images


Saoirse Ronan
Hair by Adir Abergel

“Saoirse’s look was a simple swept-back updo, twisted into a chignon with baby bangs across the forehead and detailed with beautiful, custom-made jewelled bee accessories. The baby bangs were cut the day of and were inspired by early Audrey Hepburn, and the micro bangs we’ve been seeing on the runway in recent seasons. The look is sophisticated, minimal, airy, and very feminine,” Abergel explained of Ronan’s style.

To achieve Saoirse’s look, Abergel started by first cutting micro bangs that had softness and choppiness to them. He prepped the hair with Virtue Volumizing Primer all over the roots and throughout the bangs to create a foundation. Next, he dried the bang area first with the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer Professional edition, using the smoothing nozzle on medium heat with a classic styling brush, making sure the ends were a little bit curved. He then took a big round brush and blow-dried the rest of the hair giving it volume, softness and movement. To create some structure to the hair, he applied Virtue Lifting Powder at the roo, then pulled the hair away from the bangs into a chignon anchored right below the crown and secured it with a few bobby pins and hair pins.To finish the look, he applied custom-made bee pins.

Instagram / @hairbyadir


Billie Eilish
Hair by Mara Roszak

“We decided on an up do hair look with a woven in Chanel scarf and brooch,” says Roszak.

Roszal started by applying IGK NEXT LEVEL volume spray to damp hair roots to ends. She then blow-dried the hair with her Dyson Supersonic hair dryer Professional edition on the low setting and medium heat to maintain volume. To add volume and texture she sprayed the hair with IGK JET LAG dry shampoo before gently teasing the crown for height. Next, she pulled the hair back into a low ponytail and knotted the scarf to the ponytail, then twisted the pony, weaving the Chanel scarf in and pinned in place. Finally, she gently waved the front of the hair with a 1 1/4” iron and finished the look off with IGK 1800-HOLD-ME.

Instagram / @mararoszak


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